Mission & Vision

creating opportunities to love, lift, launch people into purpose

The Mission

LOVE: We love God, and like Jesus, we serve and love people as they are.
LIFT: We commit to life transformation by helping, encouraging, supporting, and training people.
LAUNCH: We launch our church family into the world to love and serve our community.

The Vision

WE VALUE EXPERIENCING GOD so we will follow His direction and instruction.

WE VALUE THE BIBLE so we will hold tightly to the message and be creative in how we share it.

WE VALUE PEOPLE so as a church we will function and feel like a family, caring for their spiritual, physical, social, and psychological well-being.

WE VALUE GROWTH so we strive to create a clear path for people to discover and serve God.

WE VALUE GENEROSITY so we will be generous.

WE VALUE THE NEXT GENERATION so we will intentionally invest in their future.

Growth Track

Growth Track is where we learn about the history of the church, the present leadership team, the significance of the SHAPE test, and how to find a place of effective ministry within Faith Welland.  Fill out the form below to take part in our next GT session.