FaithKids (Ages 0- gr. 5)
Pastor Summer

FaithKids Programming
Sundays at Faith Welland. Commitment is once a month.
Kids check in (will be using a tablet)

FaithKids Connect (Wednesdays). Commitment is once a week.

Veracity Youth (Gr. 6- 12)
Pastor Matt

Jr. High and Sr. High
Serve Opportunity: weekly on Friday nights

Young Adults
Serve Opportunity: Small Group Leader

Social Media and Online Devotional Coordinator
Need: 1-2 volunteers
Commitment level: weekly

Pastor Dave 

First Impression Team 
Date: Sundays, on a monthly schedule
Areas needed:
Connect Centre (Information Desk)
Outside Doors Greeters
Foyer greeters
Sanctuary Greeters
Parking attendants (during special events)
Special Events Greeters

Small Group Leaders
If you have a passion to grow in your faith and see others grow in their faith, why not start a small group? Groups can be flexible to meet your schedule.

Pastor Mike

We are always looking for people to join our media team.
Sign up for anyone or two of the following:

Serve 24/7
Pastor Betty

Sorting at Open Arms Mission Warehouse
Needed: 10 volunteers
Date: Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Event Time: 1pm-4:pm

Open Arms Mission is always looking for volunteers for the following:
Registration and food distribution
Sorting Food
Drivers and assistants
Click here to contact Stacy if you can help!

Outreach - McLaughlin St.
Rylan Johnson

After-School Club
Needed: 2-5 volunteers
Event Time: weekly (evenings)
Description: you will be paired up with one or two students, ages 5 to 13, completing a variety of preplanned activities and 15 minutes of online learning.

High School Club
Needed: 3-5 volunteers
Event Time: Evenings (second and fourth Thursday of the month)
Description: Working with a group of 5 to 10 youth, ages 13-18. Combination of on-site (205 McLaughlin Street) and off-site events.

Outreach Events 
Commitment: Approx. once a month.
Description: Includes breakfast program and special drop offs (I.e. hygiene kits). Opportunities include cooking, serving, deliveries, etc. Location varies.