One Roof Campaign

Our property is a gift from God. We are called to manage and use this piece of property to facilitate our calling to Love, Lift and Launch people into their God-given purpose. When our roof leaks, we are hindered in accomplishing this task. Over the past number of years, severe weather conditions have exposed numerous leaks in the flat roof and water has entered in. On occasion, this water has damaged the inside of our building.  Each time we have attempted to locate and repair the source of the leak in order to extend the life of the roof, but more areas continue to be exposed. Bottom line, the flat roof is badly in need of being replaced.

Initial funding will come from the money we have set aside for capital improvements. God has blessed us financially in the past number of years and we have been able to put a little away over the years towards our building, but we are still hoping to raise half of the cost through the “One Roof” campaign. Donations can simply be designated by giving to the building fund and noting on the envelope or in the notes section “One Roof”.