Groups to LIFT your Heart

Your heart needs people. And other people need you too! These groups are a great way to hang out with people who can encourage you and be encouraged by you. They can be small (4-8 people) or large (30-50). They might be people that you already know, people with similar interests, or people who have a similar background as you. They might also be people who you would never have a chance to get to know unless it was at a group like these.

You can join a group that will LIFT your heart, or you can start a group that will LIFT your heart and those of the people around you. Click on the button for more information for each group, or scroll to the bottom of the page to start a conversation with us about maybe starting your own group!

Guys Night Out

Men. Food. And hanging out. Once a month throughout the school year, schedule some time to hang out and be one of the guys!

The next Guys Night Out is watching the Leafs vs Habs game on October 12th at 6:30pm. Plan to bring $5 to cover pizza and wings, invite a friend, and click the button below for more details (including location).

Girls Night Out

Invite your girlfriends to get out of the house and have fun together!

Adults 55+

These lunches are a great time of food, friendship, and faith. Reach out to a friend and enjoy a great time together!

Ladies Coffee Connection

Ladies. Coffee. And Connection. It's a good time! Learn crafts, have fun, and support each other in this multigenerational group. Every Thursday morning at Faith Welland in the cafe, starting on September 26th, 2022. 

Informal Groups

Nobody can know everybody, but everybody can know somebody.

Anybody can start this kind of group, it doesn't matter if you have been at Faith Welland for 75 years, or for 7.5 minutes! Here's how it works:

Find someone you think is nice or cool. Ask them if they want to hangout with you and some other people every other week for the next 12 weeks. Ask them if they know any one else that can come along. Find something to do (eat food at someone's house, play board games, watch Hockey Night In Canada, go out for coffee, watch Survivor, etc.). Email us to let us know that you are taking part in an informal group.


Every Monday night (that isn't part of a long weekend) beginning on September 26th, meet at Fitch St. Public School at 7pm. No sign up required. Please bring appropriate (and non-marking) indoor footwear.

Interested in starting a group that LIFTS your Heart?

We'd love to hear from you. Fill out the form below to get started and let us know in the message what sort of group you're thinking about.