Community Connections

Faith Welland is compelled by a vision to impact individuals by addressing people’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs in unique and practical ways. We presently provide over ten programs ministering to hundreds of individuals in the community on a weekly basis.

Community Connections Programs

Faith Welland Outreach is a volunteer driven organization of over 100 volunteers that provides the following services and programs: 

  • Children’s clubs providing not only recreational activities, but also introducing children to life skill classes such as cooking, sewing, and woodworking.
  • Children’s Homework Club including educational type activities and tutoring
  • Music lessons to individuals
  • Ladies Groups
  • Family Events
  • City Feeding Programs
  • Providing furniture to those in need

Outreach Mission & Values

Faith Welland Outreach's Mission: 

We exist to increase resiliency and inspire big dreams for individuals living in low-income communities by providing inspirational experiences and nurturing personal relationships.

Faith Welland Outreach's Values: 

We are people of faith: Our Christian faith compels us to respond to the needs of our community, focusing on those who experience the highest levels of adversity with the least amount of resources. As we respond, we believe that God transforms lives in partnership with our actions. We are a community of hope: We have a confident expectation that each individual will rise to their full potential when given the opportunity.

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Some programs are funded in part by the Niagara Region through the Niagara Prosperity Initiative.